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Good reading instruciton is good instruction

The October 2010 PDK  magazine provides examples of “F” to “A” reading instruction. As I read the article, I saw that this is just good instruction. What do you think?

“F”-Oral round round robin

“C”-Silent reading of grade level text with questions at the end.

“B”-Before reading activitites that gets the student interested and prepared for reading.

“A”-Reading that develops metacognative awareness within students to become self-directed learners.


Computer time in the summer

Serving as the principal for the virtual academy this summer I have had the opportuntity to see students work in a “virtual” setting to recover credits. Phi Delta Kappan. October 2010 vol. 92  no. 2 68-71 discusses the important role public libraries play in provding computer access to students.

The Future Of School Social Networks – Edudemic

Another step towards bringing education into the modern age. Technology is a tool and as such social networks can be used for positive and negative purposes. Instead of fighting against them, schools can help buy into them to create a safe environement for students. We can’t put our heads in the sand; kids are using social networks (I use social networks) and our role can and should be to help guide students into the appropriate use of them.

The Future Of School Social Networks – Edudemic.

Virtual Physical Education

Not all aspects of the Summer Virtual Academy are “virtual”. Our courses include PE. Part of the requirements include students completing the state mandated Physical Fitness Exam and, as needed, using the results to develop a plan for healthy living. As the principal for the Virtual Academy this summer, I work with teachers, student, parents, and the District to assure the rigor of all our class offerings.