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Who’s On Top? Color-Coded Maps Rank States’ Education Performance – Education – GOOD



Who’s On Top? Color-Coded Maps Rank States’ Education Performance – Education – GOOD.

Being from and in California I’m not surprised by our ranking but I’m still disappointed.  Bluntly, I don’t believe that California has ever provided adequately for k-12 students. California has definitely raised the bar over the years but I don’t believe it has provided the support needed to meet the increased standards. I’m not defining “support” as strictly financial, I’m also including professional development and just plain old “coherence”.  While budget cuts have but programs and initiatives, even when the state was flush with money it still struggled with its diverse student population. Transparent assessments have simply laid bare the inequities that have always existed.


Hitting the Books Online, Off-Season | LAUSD Journal



Hitting the Books Online, Off-Season | LAUSD Journal.

Working online can be fun and exciting but it’s still work…

The Debate over Teacher Merit Pay: A Freakonomics Quorum



While few people are willing to work for free, some are willing to work for less, but research indicates that most are willing to work for an successful organization rather than an unsuccessful ones even if the pay isn’t as high.

The Debate over Teacher Merit Pay: A Freakonomics Quorum.

What do you need for college?

  1. Content knowledge that prepares students for entry level courses
  2. Strategies to help students connect what they know with what they are learning
  3. Self management
  4. Support of college applications and selection process
Need more info? Joan Richardson. College Knowledge: An Interview with David ConleyPhi Delta Kappan September 2010 92 (1): 28-34

Class size reduction

I know that class size reduction is popular but time and again research point to limited if any gains that are tied into lowering class size, as discussed in the March 2010 ASCD Education Update. Effective teachers are effective regardless of class size as are ineffective ones. The trick is PD that supports the development of more effective teachers based upon research.

STEM Gender gap

While the STEM gender gap is well documented, what is to be done about it is more complicated as it is, at least partly, tied into patriarchal society. However there has been some success as outlined in the March 2010 ASCD Education Update and in Beyond the Bell’s CyberPatriot program.

Policy Analysis for California Education

As in much of education in California, administrators are being given more and more responsibilities but are the resources provided to meet those responsibilities? Policy Analysis for California Education.

Pasadena Weekly – Nobody left behind



Not too bad. I was misquoted but that’s par for the course. Interesting who’s for this and who’s against it. Pasadena Weekly – Nobody left behind.

Building Metacognitive Awareness


Building metacognitive awareness and habits is the most direct method for developing independent life long learners.

Dissolving Local Markets in Teacher Preparation

Dissolving Local Markets in Teacher Preparation. Teacher preparation is more and more important yet is it getting any better?