ACSA Region 16 Annual Administrator Awards Banquet 2012

One of my follies is that I like to join groups. I’m in Toasmasters, PDK, AERA, I really could go on for a while. I’ve also run for school board, task forces, and volunteer for other community events. There’s something in me that says, “Hey! I want to know more about that” or “Hey! I can help with that”.  I always seems to think that I have more time than I do and my wife has started to roll her eyes and mutter as she walks away about me being to busy. One of the things I’m currently working on is the ACSA Region 16 Annual Administrator Awards Banquet 2012. I’m currently the President-Elect for the Association of California School Administrators Region 16 and I am responsible for putting together our annual awards banquet.

So why am I blogging about this? How is this useful to you? In doing this event I learned how to create a Paypal account for my organization, used Eventbrite to create a page for it and MailChimp to send out invitations. If you ever want to have an event for your school or organization where you collect money, these three websites seem to be the trifecta. With Paypal you can take credit cards and people can purchase online. With Eventbrite you can provide all the information people need about your event. With MailChimp you can send out a mass email (our server will only let me send out to 50 emails at a time). Hope this helps and if it does let me know (and maybe even invite me…)


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