Tech Resources

January/February 2012 Leadership has some great web resources for administrators. Some of which I use and recommend:

  • Facebook: I post work related items on a group page.
  • Twitter: to update myself and others on relevant educational info
  • Hightail (was Yousendit): You will always need way to send a large file.
  • Slideshare: One way to share a presentation you worked hard on that others might appreciate after your done with it.
  • Livebinders: My newest find. A little clunky but is working well.
  • Dropbox: Been using it for years. A great way to keep files and to share with others.
  • Evernote: Not as handy as it would seem but I do use it occasionally. Mostly, it seems when I’m out in the field and need to take a quick picture with a note attached.
  • RSS: Use this in hootsuite as an easy way to stay up to date with webpages with an RSS feed.
  • Tripit (I’m not sure how “administrator” specific it is but I use it when I travel.)

Some resources I haven’t tried but looking forward to trying them based on the article:


What do you use?


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