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Inclusion 1 step further by merging spec

Inclusion 1 step further by merging special education unit with the state’s instruction and learning programs.

ADEQUACY VERSUS EQUITY funding http://ow


Edgar Zazueta serves on the advisory boa

Edgar Zazueta serves on the advisory board of PACE’s LCFF Research Collaborative.

Teachers can learn more about networking

Teachers can learn more about networking and collaborative skills.

RT @SEL4MA: How To Raise Brilliant Child

RT @SEL4MA: How To Raise Brilliant Children, According To Science: #SEL

No longer required for multiple subject

No longer required for multiple subject credential: a degree be in a subject other than professional education

MT @PoliticsK12: Senate funding bill for

MT @PoliticsK12: Senate funding bill for US Dept of Education -these are the big numbers Labor-HHS-Ed get to play with.

Excellence requires highly skilled teach

Excellence requires highly skilled teachers with finely tuned radar and improvisational ability.

Attendance and motivation: two key compo

Attendance and motivation: two key components for L.A. Unified #SummerTerm success ID’d by teachers VerdugoHillsDons . Beyond the Bell