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Our plan meets the federal government’s

Our plan meets the federal government’s requirements while affirming CA commitment to local control …

Bilingual education activists across Cal

Bilingual education activists across California celebrated the adoption of California’s first new language policy

MT Toastmasters Gopi Kallayil shares His

MT Toastmasters Gopi Kallayil shares His Techniques on Mindfulness #FBF #SEL #Self_Manage

#AB830: High school exit examination: re

#AB830: High school exit examination: repeal.
“Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 3 p.m.”

Teen Depression—What Schools and Parents

Teen Depression—What Schools and Parents Can Do When Help is Refused

Professional development funding to help

Professional development funding to help teachers better support English learners.

This bill would explicitly include immig

This bill would explicitly include immigration status as one of the characteristics protected from discrimination…

Changes in retirement benefits are also

Changes in retirement benefits are also slowly coming to K-12 districts too.

RT @AdvocateforEd: Exploring the Nuances

RT @AdvocateforEd: Exploring the Nuances of Urban School Reform

MT @school_climate: Schools must be 1st

MT @school_climate: Schools must be 1st responders to immigrant students’ isolation v Education Week @afstrom