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27 percent of teachers reported an incre

27 percent of teachers reported an increase in students making derogatory remarks about other groups during class discussions. This included sexist as well as racist and anti-Muslim comments.

RT @PoliticsK12: Tune in today. Looking

RT @PoliticsK12: Tune in today. Looking forward to it! Also looking forward to being reminded that I think @ChadAldeman is significantly taller than the Andrew half of PK12.

RT @EdSource: Fed gov’t weighs in again

RT @EdSource: Fed gov’t weighs in against mandatory union dues for public workers in advance of #SCOTUS case, shift from Obama admin #TeachersUnions #EdChat @The74

RT @educationweek: What does it take to

RT @educationweek: What does it take to assure that the nation’s 56 million schoolchildren have a modern, fully-equipped, well-maintained school to attend? #TheNewSchoolHouse🏫

RT @amadouworld: Part 2/3 on a series I

RT @amadouworld: Part 2/3 on a series I reported for @hechingerreport on good things happening in low-income schools. This time, a HS in Tulsa that has boosted graduation rates.

California ranks among the lowest states

California ranks among the lowest states in the nation for per-pupil funding and board members will call on Sacramento for a greater investment toward financial stabilization.

Student anxiety and hostility on public

Student anxiety and hostility on public high school campuses has worsened since Donald Trump became president and is affecting student learning, according to a new UCLA report.

Sen. Kamala Harris won’t back federal s

Sen. Kamala Harris won’t back federal spending bill without DACA fix.

Charter schools could face more oversigh

Charter schools could face more oversight and changes in California’s 25-year-old charter school law regardless of who succeeds Gov. Jerry Brown next year.

There are several possible impacts of th

There are several possible impacts of the tax cut bill on schools.