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RT @MrsBemis44 “Take~away a from a less

RT @MrsBemis44 “Take~away a from a lesson on #mindfulness …Mrs. White @klmbrb planted this seed #SEL just as important as academics”

RT @pdkintl: When Scandals Undercut Amer

RT @pdkintl: When Scandals Undercut America’s Soaring — and Suspicious — High School Graduation Rate @The74

The number one issue impacting growth an

The number one issue impacting growth and expansion of charter schools was finding affordable facilities.

RT @JenniferSMiller “How can you help y

RT @JenniferSMiller “How can you help your child deal with school stress? Here are some simple ideas! #SEL #parentingtips …”

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RT @IsabelBSawyer “Spending time learning about teaching practices that support support SEL competencies #collabclass”

The effort to learn about and implement

The effort to learn about and implement a race-conscious, antibias approach to early childhood education… #SEL #SocialAwareness

RT @edu_post: Here’s the thing about “

RT @edu_post: Here’s the thing about “no excuses”… Sometimes there is an actual excuse.

Charter school receive public monies fro

Charter school receive public monies from the state just as school districts do. Why would they NOT be subject to the same public records and transparency rules? Why were so many legislators MIA during the vote? #AB1478 #RefusedPassage

RT @educationweek: Racial disparities in

RT @educationweek: Racial disparities in special education: How widespread is the problem? #specialeducation #speced #specedchat #spedchat

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RT @CollabLearnSol “Teaching children self awareness with Jedis and the Force! #SEL #mindfulness #Education “