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RT @afterschool4all: Can the US reach a

RT @afterschool4all: Can the US reach a 90% graduation rate by 2020?


MT @CATeachersGR: Charter schools in Cal

MT @CATeachersGR: Charter schools in California was meant to allow local communities to innovate, and was not intended to yield the control or sidestep our democratically elected leaders. This is why @WeAreCTA co-sponsored #sb808 and #sb1362

The economic short fall can not be met b

The economic short fall can not be met by cutting administrators. You could fire every single one & sell HQ and you would not get anywhere near the amount needed. The average CA school district is ~6k students. If you broke up @LASchools into that average sized districts you get over 100 school districts. That’s over 100 Superintendents, office staff, HR, maintenance, etc. What’s not recognized is that @LASchools provides an economy of scale. Cutting admin is an ineffective, cynical, and short sighted ploy instead to dealing with the history of “kicking the can down the road”. The Reason report mentioned was written by “free marketers”, look at authors bio’s; no k-12 educators