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The idea of cultural mismatch is an inad

The idea of cultural mismatch is an inadequate explanation for some of the difficulties minority parents encounter with their children’s schools.


Strategies for working across language a

Strategies for working across language and cultural differences to make families feel at home in new schools. #MEP #RESPite

Charter schools don’t enroll as many stu

Charter schools don’t enroll as many students with disabilities and it’s having a disparate fiscal impact on the neighborhood public schools meeting the most severe and costly needs. #WhoIsSurprised?

RT @TEAMBOOST: School on Wheels Program

RT @TEAMBOOST: School on Wheels Program Turns Bus Into School for Asylum-Seeking Children. This really is wonderful!

MT @CADeptEd: State Superintendent @Tony

MT @CADeptEd: State Superintendent @TonyThurmond announced the approval of more than $275 million to assist school districts in repairing schools and providing new classrooms.

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MT @EdDiveK12: School buses are being co

MT @EdDiveK12: School buses are being considered for their potential to act as grid resources. California regulators approved a $1.7 million San Diego Gas & Electric pilot that will connect 10 electric school buses with the state’s energy market.