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RT @educationweek: Politicians proposing

RT @educationweek: Politicians proposing tax hikes to fund schools used to be taboo, but lately, the idea has gained some momentum.


RT @participate: Want to integrate codin

RT @participate: Want to integrate coding in your classroom but don’t know where to start? We crowdsourced resources and asked the experts for some tips! #edtech #coding #howtocollection

RT @HigherEdSurge: We Need a Strategy—No

RT @HigherEdSurge: We Need a Strategy—Not a Silver Bullet—for Student Success (2016) #highered #studentsuccess

MT @educationweek: “… the American pu

MT @educationweek: “… the American public should have the opportunity to hear directly about the federal government’s ongoing efforts to address the educational needs of our fellow citizens.” – Rep @BobbyScott on Puerto Rico.

MT @RepRoybalAllard: We must do all we c

MT @RepRoybalAllard: We must do all we can to #EndChildPoverty. The @theNASciences study of U.S. #ChildPoverty, will give recommendations on how to cut child poverty in half in 10 years. The study is now underway, & I look forward to its results! #ValueOurKids

MT @LeibSutcher: By @joepbishop @PedroAN

MT @LeibSutcher: By @joepbishop @PedroANoguera. School leaders central in transforming discipline norms. New @LPI_Learning and #GDTF2 study finds that around 90% of CA principals report wanting more PD on restorative justice and SEL

RT @caselorg: Education Week: Projection

RT @caselorg: Education Week: Projections of winners and losers in the new federal education budget. SEL is a potential winner.

RT @edpolicyinca: African American and H

RT @edpolicyinca: African American and Hispanic students are significantly more likely to be suspended or expelled for less serious infractions than are their white classmates. #GettingDownToFacts #CAEducation #CALeg

RT @CaELPrograms: The Floating School Mo

RT @CaELPrograms: The Floating School

Most summer days, 14-year-old Manal Taragroum says she would be stuck at home, helping with chores around the house.

But not today. That’s…

The Educator Collection includes over 2,

The Educator Collection includes over 2,500 titles on everything from read-alongs and curriculum maps, to the latest in professional development and educational technology.