A letter offering the L.A. Unified Austi

A letter offering the L.A. Unified Austin Beutner a surefire way to cut costs: Replace expensive and ineffective animal dissection with superior, non-animal teaching methods, such as interactive computer software. http://ow.ly/Sbi130lR0qQ


MT @DrLynneKenney: 10 minutes of coordin

MT @DrLynneKenney: 10 minutes of coordinative physical activity may improve attention and inhibition in school children. Budde et al. (n = 115, ages 13– 16 years) improved attention on the d2 test of attention. https://t.co/BGn2VPiFc4 #TheKineticClassroom https://t.co/4bIFJwGAZF

“Although LAUSD is a large district,”

“Although LAUSD is a large district,” said Candi Clark, CFO of the L.A. County Office of Education, “it is not a district that is too big to fail.” http://ow.ly/eUh430lOpOR

Bill Text – AB-2808 Education finance: f

Bill Text – AB-2808 Education finance: funding level of K–12 public schools. http://ow.ly/fhgr30lGfrt

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has volu

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has volunteered to help break through a stalemate in contract talks between the nation’s second-largest school system and its teachers union. #CAEdPolitics http://ow.ly/bJ7z30lCuRA

Create networks of schools that will wor

Create networks of schools that will work together, with help from experts, to solve problems — and then share strategies and research. http://ow.ly/wtLf30lCuNo

Candidates for State Superintendent of P

Candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction agree that the time has come to review California’s quarter-century-old charter school law. #CAEdPolitics http://ow.ly/j6Eu30lCuFz

#AB2808 increases the LCFF and funds Cal

#AB2808 increases the LCFF and funds California K–12 public schools at a level that is equal to, or above, the average of the top 10 states nationally by 2025 and, at a minimum, to maintain this level of funding indefinitely. http://ow.ly/DqI030lBASo

RT @InstituteforSEL: What SEL skills do

RT @InstituteforSEL: What SEL skills do you need to talk about race in classrooms? Here are 3 of them. https://t.co/ylXS5ZlbgY Which other skills do you think are essential? #SEL #socialjustice #equity

Tony Thurmond, a Democratic state legisl

Tony Thurmond, a Democratic state legislator, has the support of the state’s teachers’ union, the California Teachers Association. Marshall Tuck, an education advocate who ran for the job in 2014 but lost, is backed by the state’s charter sector. http://ow.ly/QIS230lzx3A