A onetime buydown for PERS & STRS pensio

A onetime buydown for PERS & STRS pension systems by adopting the May Revision’s proposed $3.15 billion in onetime General Funds and redirecting a portion of these funds to address CalPERS unfunded liabilities as
well. http://ow.ly/ip4n30oUYSA


“…I’m a good progressive but I just

“…I’m a good progressive but I just don’t think this is the right thing,'” Garcetti said, “and then locked arms with Donald Trump’s biggest funder in the state… http://ow.ly/lZiJ30oTJ7w

MT @Getting_Smart: Helping students lear

MT @Getting_Smart: Helping students learn to make good use of personalized learning, flexible scheduling, and multi-age groupings. Check out & learn about the Habits of Work utilized by the Harrisburg School District. @nacol https://t.co/4OT1tSU9Iy https://t.co/LToOxS69iZ

It probably didn’t help that teachers ha

It probably didn’t help that teachers had argued during the strike that the district had a budget surplus, even though that margin will soon disappear. #EE http://ow.ly/ZJop30oTjNf

RT @educationweek: Relatively few highly

RT @educationweek: Relatively few highly effective teachers take on roles as mentors to student-teachers, researchers say.

One solution? Pay them more—a lot more. https://t.co/Ttth4obZQI

The bill will give local school district

The bill will give local school districts “sole authority to approve new charter schools and to consider how new schools would impact the district’s budget in the approval process. http://ow.ly/VP9q30oRe6T

RT @pcyjenny: We love that a working mom

RT @pcyjenny: We love that a working mom serves in one of the most important jobs in the state, and we hope @GavinNewsom will support adequate funding for afterschool programs so moms less fortunate than us can have safe, enriching places for their kids! https://t.co/PfELsEzY3N

RT @InsightEdGroup: Why “how” matters.

RT @InsightEdGroup: Why “how” matters. Full post: https://t.co/W2IAERgiGJ #instructionalcoaching #educoach #edadmin #edchat @JCulberts0n https://t.co/P423p8kWWi

RT @PoliticsK12: Study of D.C. Vouchers

RT @PoliticsK12: Study of D.C. Vouchers Finds No Effect on Test Scores, but More-Satisfied Students https://t.co/JWQVPCzFQJ

RT @MindShiftKQED: #SEL programs and #mi

RT @MindShiftKQED: #SEL programs and #mindfulness can be great, but they won’t erase an unequal system that doesn’t benefit all kids equally, writes @biblio_phile @ASCD https://t.co/stuTJEajuv #edchat #edpolicy #edadmin #cpchat