#AB830 : High school exit examination: r

#AB830 : High school exit examination: repeal.
“Approved by the Governor.” http://ow.ly/O6Sk30fOfcd


Teachers have reduced the amount of time

Teachers have reduced the amount of time lecturing and increasing the time students spend working together. http://ow.ly/Q6l630fHONl

Lawmakers passed legislation that will a

Lawmakers passed legislation that will allow public schools to donate all of their excess food . http://ow.ly/oNvP30fHOG1

LAUSD boasts 56%, $13.5 Billion, of the

LAUSD boasts 56%, $13.5 Billion, of the unfunded liability, although it educates 9% of CA public school population. http://ow.ly/jO6U30fHuoq

Fourth-grade students in California have

Fourth-grade students in California have had one project that has taken over dining room tables… http://ow.ly/MYLS30fHi3v

Early childhood trauma occurs when a chi

Early childhood trauma occurs when a child experiences or witnesses a painful and harmful incident… http://ow.ly/qjFl30fHtZ7

difficulty distinguishing between “fake

difficulty distinguishing between “fake news” and reliable news http://ow.ly/1C3N30fHhSo

#LAUSD employees say when school lets ou

#LAUSD employees say when school lets out every summer, they’re out of work and without a paycheck. http://ow.ly/NwY030fHuFZ

Montelongo teaches math in Natomas to mi

Montelongo teaches math in Natomas to middle school students http://ow.ly/sCYY30fHtMm

Preschoolers are actually expelled at a

Preschoolers are actually expelled at a rate more than three times higher than their peers in K-12 grades. http://ow.ly/j4CI30fHuCb