RT @GreatSchools: What exactly are Addit

RT @GreatSchools: What exactly are Additional Targeted Schools and what’s required of them under ESSA? https://t.co/QB19j9acgq


“1 in 4 youth arrests made by the LASPD

“1 in 4 youth arrests made by the LASPD were elementary and middle school-aged children.” Austin Beutner invited attendees to have an open and transparent conversation about the data included in the report and LASPD’s processes of interacting with youth. http://ow.ly/Pfad30mVST0

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RT @NatlAfterSchool: Both after-school and regular school programs can benefit when they coordinate based on data that comes from student performance and behavior. #Fridayfeelgood

MT @iste: Using @ISTE’s new #Computatio

MT @iste: Using @ISTE’s new #ComputationalThinking Competencies, every educator can integrate CT across disciplines with students of all ages — they’re like an expansion pack for the #ISTEStandards for Educators! Learn more here: https://t.co/4EPMUFTWrl https://t.co/pCxMZiBDxF

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RT @EdDataCampaign: When teachers and administrators are trained to use #eddata, decisionmaking is informed and improvement is continuous. Learn how your state can build data-literate leaders today: https://t.co/ALp2MBC3On

Building SEL skills such as empathy requ

Building SEL skills such as empathy requires face-to-face interactions, meaningful discussion, and reflection. Edtech is no complete substitute for that, but there are tools that can supplement the development of character in the classroom and at home. http://ow.ly/k4Z630mTu7U

RT @educationweek: U.S. Constitution rel

RT @educationweek: U.S. Constitution relevance in today’s political climate.

“I tell [my students] we’re not going to bash or praise the administration,” says teacher @e2schley. “We’re going to look at it as political scientists.” https://t.co/nl7whKgcQq https://t.co/hU0aGi0H0P

Why we need a new approach to teaching d

Why we need a new approach to teaching digital literacy – kappanonline.org http://ow.ly/QCVE30mTlfg

RT @educationweek: Google, already a dom

RT @educationweek: Google, already a dominant presence in the nation’s classrooms, is adding to its education portfolio through the acquisition of @WorkbenchPlat. https://t.co/lkdROqAv9B https://t.co/PfBmpQK6XL

Letter to Mayor Garcetti requesting reso

Letter to Mayor Garcetti requesting resources for students living in poverty. http://ow.ly/HOHn30mQJ1K