RT @EdSource: DATA DROP: How much do #CA

RT @EdSource: DATA DROP: How much do #CA teachers make in your district? Find out here: https://t.co/5edeSkc84R https://t.co/1rYbc6WSZ2


RT @Schools1stCA: Our time is now! ✊🏾 @W

RT @Schools1stCA: Our time is now! ✊🏾

@WeAreCTA, @OaklandEA, @UTLAnow have endorsed the @Schools1stCA 2020 ballot measure that will reform #Prop13 and bring in billions in revenue for CA schools. Let’s go win.


The NEA found that California spent $10,

The NEA found that California spent $10,420 for each student last year, roughly $1,500 less than the national average. By comparison, New York, ranked second in the country in per-pupil spending, chipped in $23,265 per student in 2018. http://ow.ly/jqYq30o1ji7

California has some of the most pronounc

California has some of the most pronounced shortages, the report found, with its ratios of students to health and mental health providers among the highest in the nation. http://ow.ly/ldlP30o1jd6

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RT @PedroANoguera: An interesting critique of the way ‘growth mindset” is being used in some places. Encouraging student effort is not a substitute for good teaching: “Schools love the idea of a growth mindset, but does it work? – https://t.co/DOqZpB1mPP via @aeonmag

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RT @relnw: What are the differences btwn transitional bilingual education and developmental bilingual education programs? This tool compares several #ELL program models to help you choose the right one for your students: https://t.co/J2Rbh13cmL
#edadmin https://t.co/pWyK5JS57z

MT @NCTQ: A Fair Chance reveals low pass

MT @NCTQ: A Fair Chance reveals low pass rates for teacher licensing exams. The pass rates are low, but institutions are not identifying gaps in knowledge before it’s too late for improvement. @nctqkate w/@EducationNext:https://t.co/b4ETw1tF6o #Diversity

RT @PoliticsK12: GOP Senators Unveil Pla

RT @PoliticsK12: GOP Senators Unveil Plan to Bolster School Choice for Military Families https://t.co/l5pIdXwCvw

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RT @noveliciouss: #Reading is that fruitful miracle of a communication in the midst of #solitude.
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RT @pdkintl: Segregation in schooling is still a 21st century problem. Join PDK International for a discussion on the complexities surrounding school integration on March 13 from 2-3 Eastern with @EddieArcia and @e_frankenberg. info https://t.co/81YdnmLHMR https://t.co/8s6p20kHsh