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Leadership matters in school improvement

The November/December 2011 Leadership magazine article “Focus on Success” emphasizes many of the finding from my own research upon high performing schools. For example, a collaborative culture (distributed leadership) is important for schools. Working together in a collaborative manner keeps groups from believing that school improvement is the work of “someone else” . School improvement is everyone’s work. The ability to work together for a common goal is vital to increasing student achievement.


Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons From Chicago

Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons From Chicago. Anthony S. Bryk, Penny Bender Sebring, Elaine Allensworth, Stuart Luppescu, and John Q. Easton. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010.  Describes the changes that have occurred in Chicago schools. What’s so important about Chicago? Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education. While I’m not a big fan of Duncan  I am a fan of most the “essential supports” described for schools such as Leadership as the Driver for Change, Parent-Community-School Ties, Professional Capacity, Student-Centered Learning Climate, and Instructional Guidance.


Teacher Efficacy

Positive teacher self efficacy improves performance.
“Sources of self-efficacy: four professional development formats and their relationship to self-efficacy and implementation of new teaching strategy,” by Megan Tschannen-Moran and Peggy MvMaster. Elementary school journal 110, no 2 (Dec 2009): 228-245.