, a free online dire, a free online directory for accessing public records and running background checks, Wednesday released what it says are California’s top five school districts — a list that includes L.A. Unified .


A statewide poll shows that not only are

A statewide poll shows that not only are state lawmakers divided on the issue, but California voters are as well.

RT @kystokes: When I spoke with @austinl

RT @kystokes: When I spoke with @austinlaschools, he noted that @laschools has already made cuts for the coming year.

One of them is mentioned in the @ey_us report: renegotiating fees for workers comp

Using long-term debt to pay for technolo

Using long-term debt to pay for technology that may be obsolete in a couple of years, he says, is “like taking out a mortgage to buy groceries.”

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RT @MindShiftKQED: It sounds basic, but it’s hard to do: Create a school environment of general well-being, and a climate where #mentalhealth isn’t stigmatized @meg_anders #edchat #schoolculture #edadmin #cpchat

MT @MiamiSup: We must recognize that det

MT @MiamiSup: We must recognize that detecting troubling signs and providing mental health services must not be limited to school environments, but must also involve the collective resources, awareness and compassion of the entire community.

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RT @EdDataCampaign: Only 18 states include info on #fostercare students in their report cards. Without this data, leaders and communities are in the dark on how these students are faring. #Fosterdata matters. #ESSA

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RT @afterschool4all: #AfterschoolWorks to keep kids safe, inspire learning & give working parents peace of mind. The President’s budget ELIMINATES afterschool programs for 1.7M kids. Act now:

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RT @EdTrust: In WV, 48.7% of White students graduate from college in 6 years. But for Black students, the rate of college completion in 6 years is only 27.6%. To learn more, visit #EdWatch #EdWatchWV #WVLeg

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RT @CSBA_Now: Some 24,000 new teachers were needed in California classrooms in the 2017-18 school year, according to the Learning Policy Institute — but only about 16,000 received teaching credentials.