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Ivory Tower: May Jane Lira London – Coordinator for LAUSD Student Intergration The Ivory Tower

MaryJane Lira-London Hello Everyone, I am one of your AALA Executive Board members and was elected to represent School Support Administrators in 2019. I have also served on AALA’s Political Action Steering committee in the past. As the newly elected OMA Secretary for 2020-2021, I hope to further advocate and educate our members on current District policies. Currently, I have the privilege of working as a District Coordinator with Student Integration Services (SIS). For those who may not know, SIS oversees the Magnet and PWT programs. I feel incredibly fortunate to work in one of the most diverse school districts in the nation and contribute to the advancement and opportunities available to all of our students. I believe in our District so much, that both of my own children attended and graduated from LAUSD schools. When parents and school leadership work together we can see miracles. I started my career in education as a Special Education Aid in Santa Monica Unified, and became employed by LAUSD in 1993 as a math and art teacher at Dana Middle School. Along the way I have been a college counselor, school coordinator, school administrator and now serve as a District administrator. On a personal note, I have two beautiful grown children who are following their dreams in the musical theatre and professional soccer world. Yes, they both completed college, but life is too short not to follow your dreams. You only have one life to live so give it your best shot! This morning my daughter made me breakfast and left a note with it on my computer. The note read, “Put on your positive pants and conquer the DAY.” This is pretty much how I approach every day. My husband and I live in East Los Angeles and love to garden! In my free time, you will most likely catch me working on AALA, OMA or Toastmasters. But my favorite pastimes are gardening, walking my dog, and making art. You just might catch me with a zucchini, my pit-mix puppy and a collage on Instagram (LOL). Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and being friends with so many of you. And, if we aren’t friends yet, I hope that we can be in the near future!

RT @afterschool4all: Last week, the Hous

RT @afterschool4all: Last week, the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to fund the federal government through Nov. 21. See what this means for federal afterschool funding ➡️ https://t.co/aVdt4gE74s

This bill would delete the authority of

This bill would delete the authority of a charter school to locate outside the jurisdiction or geographic boundaries of the chartering school district… http://ow.ly/24zr30pC6Zw

RT @CPAG_USA: An analysis of achievement

RT @CPAG_USA: An analysis of achievement gaps in every school in America shows that poverty is the biggest hurdle – Hechinger Report https://t.co/5UmRCY9c2U https://t.co/FSPCE3zc77

The idea of cultural mismatch is an inad

The idea of cultural mismatch is an inadequate explanation for some of the difficulties minority parents encounter with their children’s schools. http://ow.ly/QSHZ30pwc6R

Strategies for working across language a

Strategies for working across language and cultural differences to make families feel at home in new schools. #MEP #RESPite http://ow.ly/X6nv30pwbMl

Charter schools don’t enroll as many stu

Charter schools don’t enroll as many students with disabilities and it’s having a disparate fiscal impact on the neighborhood public schools meeting the most severe and costly needs. #WhoIsSurprised? http://ow.ly/yRe930pu5zv

RT @TEAMBOOST: School on Wheels Program

RT @TEAMBOOST: School on Wheels Program Turns Bus Into School for Asylum-Seeking Children. This really is wonderful! https://t.co/q9Zr8I0vla

MT @CADeptEd: State Superintendent @Tony

MT @CADeptEd: State Superintendent @TonyThurmond announced the approval of more than $275 million to assist school districts in repairing schools and providing new classrooms.

Read more: https://t.co/G46d3ML6AO https://t.co/JZZvvBJOc4

MT @EdDiveK12: School buses are being co

MT @EdDiveK12: School buses are being considered for their potential to act as grid resources. California regulators approved a $1.7 million San Diego Gas & Electric pilot that will connect 10 electric school buses with the state’s energy market. https://t.co/ZyoXva8EGw