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RT @hatchdw: #PositiveRelationships & #PhysicalActivity … two ways #HealthyAfterschool can support #SEL #SEAD ⭐️ https://t.co/AXGHQVq99p @AspenSEAD @HealthierGen @HOSTcoalition @NatlAfterSchool @NRPA_news @TEAMBOOST @ngcproject


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RT @EdSource: An estimated 14M students across the country struggle with food insecurity with big implications for health & academic performance @EducationDive https://t.co/AcUoOLj07a

In Trump’s pre-election vision, the legi

In Trump’s pre-election vision, the legislation would “redirect education dollars to give parents the right to send their kid to the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice.” http://ow.ly/1I8N30lrgT1

Convert from at-large elections to ballo

Convert from at-large elections to balloting by district, or risk spending millions of dollars on litigation. http://ow.ly/bwTP30lrgHh

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RT @ChildTrends: .@kharper_edulove and @drdebtemkin analyzed CRDC data and found that student exposure to school-based law enforcement and security personnel differs based on the racial composition of a school. https://t.co/lZF7TRealV https://t.co/oBxAJdZyrF

MT @ChildTrends: @kharper_edulove and @d

MT @ChildTrends: @kharper_edulove and @drdebtemkin write that there is little evidence that school security strategies will improve safety. School leaders should heed national school safety experts’ call to create school climates that focus on prevention https://t.co/YcccOblbtq

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RT @Socalgrantmaker: #Philanthropy is encouraging #CivicEngagement and working to support our #democracy. Learn more and explore the research @GlassPockets: https://t.co/k7cHtta7hh @BPC_Bipartisan @DemocracyFund @FordFoundation https://t.co/LCLXS14JMv

MT @AspenSEAD: What does a school cultur

MT @AspenSEAD: What does a school culture that supports social, emotional, and academic development look like? To start: Student artwork on the walls, buddy systems, and personal greetings in the morning. https://t.co/aWkHsbVcfI #SEL https://t.co/a4378jdZiH

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RT @EdSource: @usedgov, #Devos forging ahead w/plan to scrap fed office of English-language acquisition #OLEA #ELL #DualLangChat #EnglishLearner #FedEdPolicy @educationweek https://t.co/kMLYXvv5xU

New federally funded center creates a na

New federally funded center creates a national partnership of school choice scholars http://ow.ly/7zmO30lelK7